Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rozoregalia + Mohna Lisa Couture = Gorgeousness

This week, Rozoregalia released a new item- their gorgeous Bouhachi blindfold. It comes in a set of three different variations. One covering left eye, one covering right, and one covering both. I combined the left and right eyed covers to make a differently-shaped fourth option.

Anyway, as soon as I saw it, I knew that I needed to go back to Mohna Lisa Couture- my last pairing of these two designers was a smash hit, and I knew that this time would be no different.

I was right.

This dress is pure sex. The bared stripe of flesh, the gorgeous 'neckline', the shape of the skirt... it enhances the body without being overly daring, and yet, it's much more daring than your typical cocktail dress.

I must confess, I was inspired by the blindfold to do the 'gorgeous heroine, kidnapped and held' scene. I knew exactly where to go (A Dark Fairie's Dream - Jaded Wings) to find this particular scene... it being one of my favourite sims of all time (link follows). There's something desolate, yet utterly beautiful about the bowels of the castle, where I've staged my herione.

Yes, Jaded Wings provides a beautiful setting... allowing me to not only show off the rich textures of my gown, but also allowing my imagination to run wild with such poses as The Sword in the Stone. See our heroine facing her mortality... blindfolded, her strength not able to remove the sword, yet still trying for her freedom.

Thank you, Mohna Lisa Couture and Rozoregalia for giving me, once again, such amazing material to work with.

Hair: Truth - Luna - Night
Dress: Mohna Lisa Couture - Latin Dive Noir Sensual
Gloves & Blindfold: Rozoregalia Main Store - Bouhachi Gloves & Blindfold
Location: A Dark Fairie's Dream - Jaded Wings

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