Wednesday, November 10, 2010



I'm kind of a junkie for old-fashioned clothes. I'm also a junkie for kick-ass boots. So the bustle on this jacket by PixelDolls was inevitably going to catch my eye. As soon as I put it on, I knew that I wanted to sex it up a bit, and added the short-shorts, the killer boots, and once again, some of Rozoregalia's fantastic accessories.

The boots are part of Le Petit Prince's "La Fourmie Ailee" outfit. I had difficulty with this outfit, which is almost entirely prim-based, as my avvie isn't an anorexic spider-twig... but the boots are awesome.

The teeny tiny booty shorts are made by Solange, and are part of their "Highland Hipbanger" outfit (the whole outfit is ridiculously hot, I'll show it off one of these days).

As you can see, I'm wearing the Rozoregalia nails again... but I've also added a belly accessory. This is originally meant to be worn as an earring, but when I looked at this outfit, there was just a bit too much bare-ness, between cleavage and shorts... so I added this earring as a make-do belly ring. I rather like the effect!

I can't post about this shoot without mentioning the absolutely gorgeous surroundings. The photos were taken inside of my awesome Ananke "Nereide" Submarine. Carrah Rossini makes the most gorgeous stuff. I have one of her space ships as well. WHile the submarine has a decidedly vintage feel, the space ship has a more Asian feel. The textures are amazing, the seats have multiple poses, the vessels are actually drive-able, and there are cuddle and 'Love' poses in the beds in both vessels.

All in all, this was a fun set. I felt kind of like a pirate in it.

Arrrrgh, Matey.

Boots: Le Petit Prince - "La Fourmie Ailee"
Skin: LAQ - Tasha 2 [Fair] Glow Skin 10 - Hairbase
Hair: Flagship Store - Deena - Blacks
Booty Shorts: Solange! - Highland Hipbanger
Jacket: Pixeldolls - Bourbon. Bustle Coat. Wine.
Nails & Belly Ring: Rozoregalia Main Store 
Submarine: Dreamfall - Ananke "Nereide" Submarine

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