Saturday, January 28, 2012

52WOCC Week 5 - Patina

'Patina' is a rare thing on Marketplace... if you search for the precise word.
However, thankfully, the colour itself has many names.
This week I chose black and white to accompany the colour- it's a subtle colour, a dusty colour... and I'm quite pleased with my results. 
The gown is by Bliss Couture- one of the newer gowns, and one that I enjoy, for the inherent opulence in it- ostrich feathers are a decadent touch, and I simply couldn't resist.

Hair: Tukinowaguma - Roine - Ebony
Skin: Dionysus Skins - Lilith
Ears: Moonlight Obsessions - Drow
Eyes: Fallen Gods - Blind Eyes - Turquoise
Gown: Bliss Couture - Nayade Feather Gown - Vintage Green
Jewelry: Chop Zuey - Mysteria Blu - Earrings & Necklace

Saturday, January 21, 2012

52WOCC Week 4 - Iron

Every now and then, I discover an absolutely amazing designer in SL. Someone who, when I see their work, I want all of it.... and when they make their work AFFORDABLE on top of being absolutely stellar, it just makes my day.

My featured designer today is Siane K Aeon (Siane Kanya), owner and designer of {mE}Jewelry Design. 

I think I stumbled into her shop by accident one day, when looking for something else, and I fell in love. I promptly bought everything (or very near to it). Her artistry, her attention to detail, her hint at the East in the work I am displaying today... it's just beautiful to me. I wear her jewellery most when I am RPing, to add a detail of richness to my characters, and am constantly complimented on it.

Go see:
{mE} Jewelry Design

*Fun Fact: These photos are not Black&White - every item used was grayscale*

Hair: Tukinowaguma - Tiana - Ebony (Hairpiece included)
Skin: Dionysus - Lilith - Black Plain Makeup & Plain Lipstick
Ears: Moonlight Obsessions - Elven Ears - Drow 2
Eyes: Fallen Gods - Blind Eyes - Silver
All Jewelry: {mE} Jewelry Designs - Lilium - Silver
Outfit: Son!a - Thailand Dress - Silver Black

Saturday, January 14, 2012

52WOCC Week 3 - Electric Indigo

This one was tough for me...
but then lately, they all are *smiles sheepishly*

I live so much in black, given my RP, lately, that wearing something so colourful is... weird.

That being said, this dress, in all of its colours, is one of my favourite in all of SL. Made by Evangeline Miles (Owner of Evie's Closet), I cannot help but squeal with glee at any opportunity to wear it. I think I own all of the colours besides white... it is absolutely divine!

Here goes:

Hair: DBS - Macey - Blacks
Skin: Dream Ink - Arianna
Jewellery: Alienbear - Bubble Dream - Purple
Gown: Evie's Closet - Melusine - Original

Saturday, January 7, 2012

52WOCC Week 2 - Coral

I struggled with this one... 

I rather like how it turned out.

Hair: Analog Dog - Tangled - Dark Reds
Skin: Dream Ink - Jin
Outfit: Rhapsody Designs - Trena Silks - Coral

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

52 Weeks of Colour 2012!!! Week 1 - Champagne

It is with much glee that we begin this new year... 
... and with much glee that I *finally* got a chance to wear this AMAZING creation by
Vita's Boudoir.

Hair: Analog Dog - Ladonna - Chili
Skin: Dream Ink - Jin 
Jewellery: Chop Zuey - Vin - Fritillaries
Gown: Vita's Boudoir - Plume D'Or