Saturday, November 6, 2010

Portraiture and a Pet Peeve

Pet peeve first: downturned lips.

I don't know what happened, I don't know WHEN it happened, but suddenly on fashion blogs, I started seeing all of these new skins and pictures with models who have downturned lips. It's like angry is the new beautiful. Except, wait, it's not. Art is imitating life here, folks- fashion models have done the angry thing for years, and I always thought it was the absolute STUPIDEST thing on the planet. "I'm wearing THOUSANDS of dollars of designer clothes and makeup and you'll NEVER own it, so I'm PISSED!"

Mmmhmm. Even Ellen makes fun of this angry-model phenomenon in her cover-girl makeup ads. "Maybe it's because they pay so much for department store makeup?!"

Whatever it is, it's not my thing. To each their own, of course, but I tend to think that if you have to put on an angry face in order to illustrate edginess, you're somehow failing. My opinion only. Whatever happened to classic beauty? Whatever happened to GENTLENESS in fashion? What happened to femininity? Maybe I'm old-fashioned, or maybe I'm behind the times... but I could never put a downward tilt to my avvie's lips. It wouldn't make me think she's beautiful. It would make me feel like she's putting off a persona that isn't me... which is something I try to avoid.

So, I've shot myself in the foot- perhaps the angry look really IS what's behind the avatar. Perhaps the maker of the angry look really DOES think it's beautiful. In which case, who the hell am I to rant about it? Absolutely no one. So, as I said, personal pet-peeve.

I figured that instead of just ranting, I'd add a couple pictures of that gentle, feminine beauty I was talking about. Sort of a 'put up or shut up' dare to myself. Without further ado:


Skin: LAQ - Tasha 2 [Fair] Glow Skin 1 - Hairbase
Hair: Magika - Cake - Onyx
Hair Jewels: Zaara - Nizam Jhoomar - White
Fan: MiaMai - part of the 'Solitaire' outfit.

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