Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Autumn at Home

Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I love the colours- the rich reds, browns, burnt oranges. I love the smell of rain on leaves, and the smell of bonfires. I like waking up to that smell of 'cold' in the air, before that smell becomes the 'oh-my-god-i'm-breathing-ice-crystals' feeling of winter air. I love the crunch of leaves underfoot. I love sweaters. Yup, I'm a sweater girl. Summer can buzz off for all I care- I'm happy to wear snugglies all year round. It's a good thing, then, that I live in a climate that has about 8 months of rain, and 4 months of not-rain... though I wouldn't call it 4 months of sun.

Anyway, Autumn was the inspiration for this shoot. I wandered into a completely new store (to me), and found this uber-cute dress.... which I just HAD to get boots for (of course). The hair is one of my very favourites, and rather a fantastic one for photography, because of its beautiful movement. When photographed on a black background, it gives such a soft, sexy frame to the face. When photographed here, it's just gale-blown.

The location for this shot is mine and my Love's home. He built the home, I landscaped the land, and we live there, happily. I love our home. It's peaceful.


Hair: Vita's Boudoir Main Showroom - Irena Hair
Skin: LAQ - Tasha 2 [Fair] Glow Skin 10 - Hairbase
Face Art: [White Widow] - Face Tattoo - Dentelle Silver
Dress: =DeLa*= - Leona - Black
Boots: :)(: Pixelfashion - Ultimate Boots - Black

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