Saturday, June 6, 2015

Introducing Miralynne Lannister

Miralynne, aka Mira, is the youngest of the Lannisters, playing in the 
Game-of-Thrones-themed sim in Second Life. 

Given she's a Lannister, Red and Gold are her colours, and today, 
she's put together a "Golden Child" outfit.

Outfit Details:

Skin: League - Erin - Fair (natural blonde, chest D)
Eyes: Ikon - Perspective - Forest (M)
Eyelashes: Redgrave - 06 - Natural
Hands & Feet: SLink
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Faux Dreads - Namiriel
Modesty Tops: F'n'Hawt & Feral Spirit - Off Shoulder Lace Top & Blouse
Gown: Senzafine - Alysaara Corset Dress - Gold
Shoes: Aisling - Hind - White&Pearl
Circlet: Random Matter - Aridius Circlet - Gold & White
Ring: Empyrian Forge - Reverie Ring - Gold

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Lys has been exploring fashion, a little bit.
She's of a house that is not made of money, and so,
she spends what money she has, on tailoring.
Her dresses, most of them, belonged to her late mother, 
and are being tailored to the current styles, and Lys's shape.

She's also someone who does not have much jewelry - 
so when she has a piece, she re-wears it, over and over.

Outfit Details:

Hair: Wasabi Pills - "Valentina" - Night Shade
Skin: Pink Fuel - "Harley" - Porcelain
Eyes: Ikon - "Hope Eyes" - Evening
Lashes: Mon Cheri - "Falsies" Top & Bottom
Hands & Feet: SLink

Modesty Top: Aja - "Modesty Top - Keyhole"
Dress: Baiastice - "Shannon" - Antique Pearl
Shoes: Aisling - "Hind" - White/Pearl
Necklace: The Forge - "Boadicea's Necklace" - Bronze  (Gacha)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Maiden in a Garden

Two roads diverged in a spring wood,
though one seemed autum-struck.
The other was green and springy,
The first dark with thorns and muck.

I studied both, stared long down each,
Prayed for guidance from my She.
A touch to my third eye and I knew,
I must take the harder for me.

And so I turned to face the thorns,
and hurt along that road.
I lost my boots, my skin was torn,
though head held high, I strode.

Two roads diverged in a spring wood,
And I chose the more painful one.
The one was pretty and led me wrong,
The darker led me back to the sun,

And I walked with my head held high.

Outfit Details:
Hair 1: Amacci - "Elle" Hair Attachment - Coal Black
Hair 2: Calico Ingman Creations - "Thedra" - Blacks & Whites
Skin: Pink Fuel - "Harley" - Porcelain
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - "Falsies" - Top & Bottom
Eyes: Ikon - "Hope Eyes" - Evening
Hands & Feet: SLink

Top: Glace Pearls - "Modesty Top" - White
Dress: Evie's Closet - "Sylfai Gown" - Primrose
Ring: Xia's Boutique "Dragon Ring" 
Shoes: Aisling - "Hind" - White/Pearl
Poses: Infiniti - "Keeper of the Light" 6 & 10 - Gachas

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Sun and Stars

This dress has been one of my favourites for nearly a year. I purchased it on my other avatar, and just found it so utterly sexy, slinky, and yet - perfectly, all-covering (once you add a modesty layer). 

This dress, to me, encompasses the "My Sun and Stars" nickname in GoT - it's beautiful and mysterious, and flattering... just stunning.

So here you go!

Outfit Details:

Hair: Tameless - "Eudora" - Naturals
Skin: Pink Fuel - "Harley" - Porcelain
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri - "Falsies" Top & Bottom
Eyes: Ikon - "Hope Eyes" - Evening
Hands/Feet: SLink

Dress: The Lounge - "My Sun and Stars" - Silken Sheathe Gown
Modesty Top: BMe - "Rhiannon Long Sleeve Modesty Top" - Ivory
Shoes: Aisling - "Hind" - Blue/Green
Necklace: ANE - "Dark Matter Necklace" - Gold Chain & Blue Moon

Pose: Infiniti - "Keeper of the Light" - 8 (Gacha)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Alyssandra - Pretty in Pink

No idea why, but I wanted her in pink... so pink it is!

Outfit Details:

Skin: Pink Fuel - "Harley" - Porcelain
Eyes: Ikon - "Hope Eyes" - Evening
Lashes: Mon Cheri - "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper & Lower
Hair: EMO-tions - "Amita" - B+W Pack
Hairpiece: Le Fil Casse - "Coachella Bound" Flowerchild Hair Cluster - Powder (gacha)
Undershirt: Glace Pearls - "Romance Lace Shirt" - White
Dress: Aphorism - "Inanna Dress" - Vine - Rose (Gacha)
Shoes: Aisling - "Hind" White/Pearl
Hands & Feet: SLink

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Introducing Alyssandra Tarth

I'm an RP nerd. 
Big Time.
I'm currently playing at Realms of Ice and Fire: King's Landing, playing the character of Alyssandra Tarth, a bannerhouse to the Baratheons.
Lys, as I've nicknamed, my character, is sweet, pensive, pays attention, and generally, wishes for her family to succeed.

I've rather fallen in love with Game of Thrones (GoT) fashion, and, while of course we'll never have it quite as to the tee as the TV show or the books, I think our creators are doing wonderful work, here in SL! So, I thought I'd start showing off Lys's clothes!

Here we go:

The Look:

Skin: Pink Fuel: "Harley" <Porcelain>
Lashes: Mon Cheri: "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper & Lower
Eyes: Ikon: "Hope Eyes" - Evening
Hair: Tableau Vivant: "Faux Dreads - "Namiriel" Naturals (at We <3 RP currently)
Hair Accessory: *Calico*: "Rosalie" Accessory
Necklace: Aisling: "Dangara" Collar & Necklace RARE (Gacha)
Modesty Top: Aja: Opaque V-neck Modesty Top, Long Sleeves
Shrug: Peqe: "Lady's Shrug" Gold
Gown: Junbug: "Betty's Gown" Ink Brocade
Shoes (not pictured): Aisling: "Hind" Slink Flat Addon
Feet (not pictured): SLink: AvEnhance Feet Female Flat

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Collaboration: ~Jasmine~

It isn't every day that I wake up and think,
"Hey! I'm going to dress like a Disney Princess today!"

when I get invited to a movie-themed party, 
I can't help but figure, 
"Sure, why not?"

I've always loved Jasmine- her curves, her confidence, her gorgeous outfit... and if I had to pick a Disney Princess to be, it'd always have been her. So, off I went to create the look.

I didn't have to shop much- I had most of this outfit in my inventory, but, given it came together so well, and that the designers of the various pieces are among my favourites, I thought I'd share.

So here goes:


Hair: Lelutka - Jasmine
Skin: Dream Ink - Jin - Pale 7
Eye makeup: White Widow - Silk - Golden
Nails: Sexy Mamas - Manicure
Body Jewels: Quality Designs - Shayana - Turquoise
Top & Pants: Vlintuition - Kala Arabia - Sky
Shoes: Zaara - Ilaida Mojri - Jeweled Edition
Necklace & Blue Bracelet: Kunglers - Berenice - Golden
Earrings & Bird Ring: Kunglers - Nightingale - Natura
Headpiece: Soedara - Belly Dancer Tariqa Headdress - Old Gold
House: NotsoBad