Saturday, April 28, 2012

52 WOCC - Week 18 - Thistle

The moment I saw this week's colour, I knew exactly what I was going to wear.

Let me introduce you to Cerce, one of my RP characters. She is a Kokarri, a race created by, and unique to the Realm of Mystara RP sims. This race was the brainchild of one of the admins/race leads there... and she certainly succeeded in making them unique.

I'm rather in love with the feel of this character.

The Kokarri society is based on the Roman civilization, and therefore, a great deal of the fashion is Rome-inspired as well. When Gizza came out with this gown, I had to have it. In three colours. This one happened to fit this week's theme, perfectly.

Hair: Son!a - Nena - Headpiece - Onyx
Hairbase: Boon - Gathered Raised Hairbase - Black
Skin: The Plastik - Aleria - Elven Rapture - Glimmer
Wings: Sinful Needs - Seraph II Consort Wings
Gown: Gizza - Kallisto Dress - Lilac
Staff: Yabusaka - Winged Staff
Necklace (longer): Kosh - Olen Necklace
Necklace (shorter): Yabusaka - Winged crystal pendant - Antique Gold
Ring: Kosh - Olen Ring
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Ibanez Glossy Eyes - Naiad
Eyelashes: Nikita Fride - Long Eyelashes - Cat
Face Art: White Widow - Silk - Silver
Legs: Harpy v.3 Black (Female)
Tattoo: Arcane V2 Tattoo - Demonic
Location:  ! The Looking Glass

Saturday, April 21, 2012

52 WOCC - Week 17 - Shuttle Gray

So... I found these pants. These pants are The Awesome. They're sexy and businesslike, and the detail in the texture is beautiful... and they screamed Naughty Librarian at me.

So, without further ado:

Hair: Exile - Tonight Tonight - Sunset
Skin: Dream Ink - Jin
Glasses: Solarwear - Atria
Necklace: MANDALA - Kabuki Necklace - Silver Phoenix
Earrings: MANDALA - Hoshigaki Earrings - Silver
Ring: Donna Flora - Oriente Ring
Nails: Rozoregalia - *Gemma* Ring&Nail (Nails only)
Blouse: Phoenix Rising - Push Shirt w/Tie (I deleted the tie)
Pants: Gawk! - Gray Tweed High Waist Pants
Shoes: R2 - Auli - Silver
Corset: Love Lace - Courtesan Corset - Ruby

Saturday, April 14, 2012

52 WOCC - Week 16 - Bright Turquoise

I scoured my closet for something turquoise this week... and I shopped like a mad woman, before realizing, duh, one of my favourite outfits is bright turquoise.

This is one of those absolute WIN creations by Quality Designs. 

One of my RP characters is the owner of an Opium Den- she dresses exotically, has an eastern accent, and pays minute attention to the details. This dress fit that persona, perfectly.

Hair: Analog Dog - Tangled - Wonder
Skin: Dream Ink - Jin
Outfit: Quality Designs - Shayana - Turquoise
Bracelets & Earrings: {mE} - Lillium - dark gold
Collar: AlienBear - Mimmi Gold White

Saturday, April 7, 2012

52 WOCC - Week 15 - Seashell Peach

I absolutely LOVE it when Luna gives me an excuse to buy that awesome dress I've been ogling! And she did that this week, with 'seashell peach'.

The first photo will be of the dress, raw, with no photo edits, so that you can see its true colour. The rest, I've softened, which tends to add an almost sepia tone to them.

Yay for Lelutka! Yay for Boon! Yay for Haus of Darcy!


Hair: Boon - FTN683 Hair - Sandy
Skin: Dream Ink - Mika Vampire - 1
Dress: Lel.Ultra - Constricted - Nude
Eyes: Repulse - Nocturnal Eyes - Green
Piercings (All) - Haus of Darcy