Thursday, December 16, 2010


Today marks a monumental day for me- when I began this blog a few months ago, it was with the intention of eventually earning my place in syndication on the iheartsl fashion blog.

Today, I earned my stripes! Through Jade Eyes is now one of the (many) blogs to appear in the iheartsl fashion blog stream.

So, I thought I'd celebrate iheartsl with nothing other than.... Hearts!

I'd like to introduce you to a designer named Nyla Cheeky. Nyla is a RL fashion designer from nearby my hometown. Her work is whimsical, colourful, imaginative, and absolutely sexy as hell. I'd kill for one of her RL corsets.

One of my favourite things about Nyla, is that she transfers over her RL designs into SL. Tres Cool, IMHO.

Here's a link to her website: House of Nyla
Nyla's In World Store is under construction, however, you can view her gorgeous creations here on the Marketplace.


Photography: JadeD&TwisteD Photography - Jade Annamemnon, Photographer
Hair: Truth Hair - Annika - Night
Skin: Laqroki - Tasha 2 Glow Skin - 6 Hairbase
Makeup: L.Fauna - Smokey Cat-Shadow - Black
Gown: House of Nyla - Princess Ruby of Hearts
Hat: House of Nyla - Queen Ruby of Hearts Tilt Hat
Shoes: :)(: Pixelfashion - Oshun Shoes - Red
Custom Collar by Damian Twist

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