Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ice Blue

A little while back, I picked up this gorgeous free outfit from Blacklace.

I just thought it was so cute, and the colour so festive, that I'd run with it.

Blacklace has released some gorgeous stuff lately, which will be featured in blogs this week- an amazing corset, some Christmassy-type ensembles, and some stuff featured in LOW.

Anywho, here y'are:

Photography: JadeD&TwisteD Photography, Jade Annamemnon, Photographer
Hair: Cake - Honey - Tipped Sky
Skin: Laqroki - Tasha 2 Glow Skin - 4 -Hairbase
Makeup: L.Fauna - 2.0 Lipstick Blue
Lingerie: Blacklace - Winter Wonderland - Sexy Little Holiday Gift
Shoes: "Pin Up" Extreme Heel - Snow
Custom Collar by Damian Twist

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