Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Think Pink!

I'm not quite sure what this particular look was inspired by, except that I had a real hankering to wear pink. It took me about an hour and a half of picking through my inventory to find the right shade... and then it all sort of came together.

This dress is an old-school Katat0nik creation. I remember when I first joined SL, and I was scoping out freebies and cheapies, I stumbled into Katat0nik quite by accident, and saw this, the Rina dress (red). It's not red, it's more a super-vibrant pink, but that's what it's called. And only $25L. You can still get it there, for $25L... as well as a bunch more cute dresses at the front of the store, also on for $25L, right now. I highly recommend, if you like the dollie look.

My fabu boots are one of my current SL lusts- "Admiral's Crate" by .:.::Malfean Visions::.:. God, these are hot. Skulls at the laces, heel, and bottom of the stiletto, beautiful detail work, and they come in a boatload of colours... of which I own about 8. They're feminine yet bad-ass... chunky, yet sleek, and I feel just sexy as hell when I wear them.

My cute tipped hair is a new creation by Truth - it's called "Jackie" and I'm wearing the 'ivory' colour. The hair is scripted, so that you can colour the tips and the hairband separately. I wasn't looking for hair when I set out to do this photo set, but I stumbled on this, and had to have it. $250L per colour pack.

My Skin is by Heartsick. This was a prize in the Think Pink hunt- it's the "Illusion" skintone, and it's called "Pretty in Pink". I had a bit of difficulty with this skin, in that the lips are not very defined... but then as I saw how the photos turned out, I decided I rather didn't care. I love it, when the rest of the image is softened.

My eyes were also a hunt prize, acquired in the "Dolly" hunt, a few months ago. They're by Rozena Skins, and are called "Dolly Eye - French Pink". Once again, the killer lashes are Redgrave's DiamondDust.

This whole photo series was fun... I'm not a 'pink' kinda gal, but when I started finding all of these knickknacks in my inventory, it just came together!


Hair: Truth Hair - Jackie
Skin: Heartsick Main Store - Illusion - Pretty in Pink
Eyes: Rozena Skins - Dolly Eye - French Pink
Dress: *katat0nik* - Rina (red) Dress
Boots: .:.::Malfean Visions::.:. - Admiral's Crate - black

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