Monday, October 25, 2010

Blank Pages

It's not often that I sit at a screen, staring at a blinking cursor, and not knowing how to fill the pages. Given that this is my very first forray into anything resembling public blogging, I'm slightly nervous. So, I'll begin by telling y'all (my non-existent following) a bit about me.

I've been in Second Life since February of 2009, and in that time have tried just about every fashion style I've come across- gothic, steampunk, dollie, techno, 80's, casual, ripped 'n torn, Victorian, Japanese, wild and crazy, Indian, flamboyant, dark, bright, etc etc etc. It goes on.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved fashion. I used to design clothes for my paper dolls. I used to design clothes for my barbies. Then I just started flat-out designing clothes. Fate was cruel, in giving me the RL rubenesque shape I've got... I don't get to try on all the things I'd like to... but then She smiled on me by giving me a skinny friend, who happily let me dress her up. Now, I have SL. I have a body that is "mine" that can wear just about anything. I have a camera and photo software that allows me to build my budding business as a photographer. I get to play with clothes and shoes and hair and makeup as much as I like. Thank you, Linden Labs, for letting this girl pick up her paper dolls again.

Every day, I try to rock a different look... why? For something different, to get that "you look lovely" from my Love, so that I can justify the sinful amount of shopping that I do... you name it. And I figured that, if I love fashion this much, why the heck aren't I sharing that love of my favourite designers, with the rest of you!?

So this blog will be just that- my sharing what I love, with whomever would like to read about it. I'll attach photos, I'll talk about freebies and killer hunt items, I'll name designers and give y'all links to their stores... I will provide you with a glimpse into my usually odd sense of fashion... and I'll try not to bore you to death.

My first post will be tonight, once I get home from work. Right now in world, my avvie is rocking something gorgeous by Vita's Boudoir, with a pair of :)(: Pixelfashion boots. Nummeh.

See y'all soon!


  1. Love it and looking forward to the continued installments!

  2. *grins* Look forward to telling you yet again..."you look lovely"...or "good enough to eat!"