Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Something like "Casual Glam".

Now, something you must know about me- I am anti-ponytail. I don't wear them in RL, I have NEVER worn one in SL. I tend to think they're unattractive on me. I can never quite pull them off.

Until Truth came out with 'Tara'. This ponytail is high, a la "I dream of Genie", it's full, it's got great movement, and I can streak it and change the elastic to match my outfit. *Heaven*!!

The fabu top is by Zaara- "Naina distressed shrug". Slightly distressed. Slightly sexy as hell, too. Nips showing, and yet covered, and it seemed a gorgeous extension of my collar.

The skirt portion of this outfit is the lower half of Miamai's "Analise" gown. This gown comes in two flexi prim layers- the movement is gorgeous, as you can see.

The whole outfit is completed by a pair of :)(: Pixelfashion boots (not pictured).

I feel sexy in this... it's revealing, yet glamorous, and I somehow still feel casual in it... like I could wander around barefoot, and not feel amiss.


Hair: Truth - Tara streaked in 'Night'
Top: Zaara - "Naina" distressed shrug in Silver
Skirt: Miamai - "Analise" gown in Cream

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