Thursday, October 28, 2010

Red Witch

How do I create a look?

Well, usually I'll find one element that I just fricking love, and I'll build from there. Today's thing was yesterday's hair, now in "night" colour.

Yup, this is a new incarnation of "Jackie" by Truth, tipped red. It brought out a witchy gothy sort of feeling, so I dug through my inventory and found this stellar dress by Rotten Toe. Now, I love Rotten Toe. Their stuff is gothy, pretty, sexy, edgy.... they're just such wonderful things to wear, and they always make me feel great.
 Rotten Toe made this dress in four versions that anyone can buy, and then two special versions that only group members can purchase, with tag activated. This is one such dress- "Love Prison" dress, in {Black}. The skirt comes scripted for resizing, and also another version unscripted. I have to say that RT's dresses always fit well. My avvie has a rather large butt, and RT's dresses resize well, to be proportionate, yet cover my tush. Well done!
 Ahhhhh the boots. *sighs happily* These are yet another pair of kickass boots by Malfean Visions. These are called "Admirals Stilettos - Vitae"... life... blood... blood red. Sexy, fricking gorgeous.
The skin is something I picked up recently- it's by Dream Ink. If you didn't know they made skins, go look. They're all edgy, sexy, full of attitude and colour, and just beautiful. I had to have it. I bought the skin pack, actually.

Finally, the background to my shoots is by Victoria Frances, a noted Vampire and Dark Gothic artist. I've tinted the image red, to match the mood of the outfit, but if you don't know who Victoria Frances is, go check her out. She's super-gifted.


Hair: Truth - Jackie - Night
Skin: Dream Ink - SF Rachel P11 Hairbase
Dress: Rotten Toe - Love Prison Dress ... {Black}
Boots: .:.::Malfean Visions::.:. Admiral's Stilettos - Vitae

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