Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celebration of Darkness

About six months ago, I spotted on another blog, this gorgeous dark creation by Evie's Closet. I wanted it. I just knew that I had no real occassion to wear it.

Yesterday, I figured, screw it.

This dress fit like a glove. I hardly had to edit the ruffles around the neck, to fit my chest. The skirt and train I didn't have to edit at all. This lack of editing is something I've found often, with Evie's clothes. She makes dresses that don't need much work... they're buy-and-wear.

You can't see it well in this photo, but the dress isn't all black. Underneath the gauzy black layers of the dress is a blood-red satin layer. As this dress moves, you catch glimpses of the red, and it is just a gorgeous effect.

"The Queen of Drow"
This particular crown is something I bought ages ago, when I was deep in my drow phase, and yet, I never wore it. I don't think I had a hair that could support it without it looking ridiculous... but I held onto it by sheer love of the design. Powerful, dark, dangerous, this crown embodies a confidence that any Drow Queen would not only HAVE, but would NEED to have, to rule such a backstabbing bunch.

 Here you can see the colours of the dress. Aren't they absolutely stunning?

I don't know quite what it is about Evies Closet... I always feel beautiful in the clothes that I purchase from that store. Always. Their customer service is fantastic, the store is beautiful, and the clothes... just wow.


Hair: Truth Hair - Tina - night
Skin: Laq - Tasha 2 [Fair] Glow Skin 10 - Hairbase
Face-Art: [White Widow] - Face Tattoo - Dentelle Silver
Dress: - Evie's Closet Madeline Gown - Red
Crown: Inca Temple - Authentic RP Jewelry "The Queen of Drow" Crown

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  1. Once again...Incredibly sexy, incredibly beautiful, and jaw-dropping delicious...oh..and the dress is nice too! *grins*