Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Witch Faticia.

I was bumbling towards work on city transit the other day, musing on being fat. Yep, I'm a big girl. Fat. Obese, even. I've had the abuse hurled at me for my entire life. "You'd be so pretty if you were thin", from my parents. "Thunderthighs" from Brodie in grade 6. "Chunky Armstrong Cheese"... though really, that one never made sense. So, as a fat woman, I've had the abuse. Recently I had two people refuse to get on an elevator with me, citing their fear that, with me there, we'd go over the weight limit. That stuff happens a lot. Y'know what gets me, though? How narrow-minded, and STUPID people who have to be so judgemental, are. I was a plus-sized fetish model for years. I'm pretty. Hell, I can be hot. I like me. Even my bigger-than-it's-ever-been body, I don't hate. Some days I'd like to wear a corset just to cinch my waist and show off my killer boobs and ass... but those days are few.

So, anyway, I'm a fat chick with pretty okay self-confidence. I'm good being me. I'm a makeup salesperson, I have another job I love, I'm intelligent, sweet, curvy, voluptuous, have beautiful facial features, and love who I am.

I was paying attention to some advertising recently that was promoting healthy living by passive-aggressively attacking large women. Not men, just women. And I started thinking about how if my fat could talk to me, what would it say? What would the story of my fat be? Would she, the fat, who I've named Faticia, be the evil bitch that the world tells me she is? Would she be my injured persona hiding me from the judgement that people could lay on my TRUE self, the self inside, the one who the fat hides? So, over the next little while, I'm going to write about Faticia. You're going to learn a bit about Jade. You're also going to learn about why I love fashion, art, photography, etc. Yes, I'm still going to post my regular blog, but this is part of me, and it's a part I'd like to share.

So, here's the basics:
Characters: Jade, the Good Witch. Faticia, the Bad Witch.
Setting: "Obie.City" in the land of Fatosphere.

Jade is the beautiful heroine. She is kind, funny, smart- all the things I love about myself.
Faticia is the evil witch, who lost her skeleton,a nd in order to survive, glommed herself onto and over Jade's body, adding layers, but not masking her beautiful face.

What really inspired this, was wondering about how my fat would joy in my faltering, would triumph in my failing, would keep me from my dreams.

Oh yeah, and while I write, I'm going to be trying to lose weight. Forgot to mention that bit.

So.... come along, my friends, on this fatastic-... I mean FANtastic.... journey!

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