Tuesday, January 4, 2011


... I've sat here, staring at my screen, for 10 full minutes, trying to formulate coherent sentences. Look, I succeeded!

It's been a very long day.

So, I don't actually have much to say about the photos I'm going to share with you, except to say, that this week seems to be a Fellini Couture week. I am fricking LOVING my new gowns that I bought (on sale!!!). They're so fun to photograph.

Without any further gilding the lily, and no more ado, I present, "Mademoiselle':

Photography: JadeD&Twisted - Jade Annamemnon, Photographer
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Anap - Ebony
Skin: Laqroki - Tasha 2 Glow Skin - Fair - 3 Hairbase
Makeup: L.Fauna - Smokey Cat-Shadow - Pink
Gown & Hat: Fellini Couture - Mademoiselle
Nails: Rozoregalia - *Gemma* Ring&Nail
Location: *Little Kasiopaya*
Custom Collar by Damian Twist

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