Saturday, June 16, 2012

52WOCC - Week 25 - Unmellow Yellow

I do not like yellow.
I don't wear it in real life. I don't wear it often in SL.

Luna! Please no more yellow!

Anyway, here's some lemonade for you.

Skin: Dream Ink - Jin
Dress: *Icing* - Skipper - Yellow
Shoes: SLink - Glitter Peeptoes White
Ring: Sad's Jewells - Sunflower Ring
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - White South Sea Pearls
Chair: What Next - Pre-Loved Lawn Chairs - Mellow Yellow
Lemonade: - Maiworks - Lemonade Set


  1. WOW Jade you might not like yellow but you really rock that 50s glamour puss look!! So pretty!!!

  2. yea Jade, love the vintage feel! Um.. wasn't Lemon another week^'s color? Shhh I won't tell :P

  3. oh so super vintage... you could be walked away from that period

  4. Adorable, I love these shots, such a cute look.

  5. Love the retro look! very pretty :)

  6. Cute retro looking yellow. Not at all unmellow :)

  7. Hey ladies- thank you so much! I love the store "Icing".. for a long time, I RPed in a 1950's sim, and I got a lot of my outfits from there. It's such a sexy period, for clothes... accentuated femininity, things were pretty, even when they were simple.. yeah, I should have been born back then!

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed! Thank you!