Saturday, June 23, 2012

52 WOCC - Week 26 - Rust

Now this one? This one I was excited about!

I thought I would take you all through a quick tour of my new house, considering it fits this week's colour.

The windlight setting is AM Radio's Nostalgia.

Special Notes: The art behind the couch is an image done by Michael Hague, from his illustrations of Alice in Wonderland.

All of the furniture shown comes from Tartessos Arts, and the house itself is from Bahia Tiki- the Casablanca House.

Hair: Analog Dog - Baby - Cinnamon (colour edited slightly)
Skin: Dream Ink - Jin
Coat - Ladies Who Lunch - Enchanted Cloak - Spinning Wheel Gold (Fairy Tales in 2012 Event)
Panties: Shack - Ariella - Borwn
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui - Thecla Boots - Brown
Ears: Illusions - High Elf Ears
House: Bahia Tiki - Casablanca
Furniture: Tartessos Arts - various


  1. Wow Jade this colour seems to fit you so perfectly, and your house is gorgeous!!!! Love it!!! such a pretty house!

  2. Stunning, those boots are amazing and your entire photo shoot is lovely.

  3. All rust.. house and you! I can imagine you was exited about the colour from this week. I think you need that fatima hand behind you to protect you because you are looking so sexy ;)

  4. Tone on tone fabulousness. Your house is lovely and you look great :)

  5. Perfect outfit and perfect background! Very pretty :)

  6. Thanks, ladies! I saw the coat and HAD to have it. It comes in tons of other colours. I'll be heading back for the red one.

  7. aw cute Jade! love the scenery and I love that hair I have it too!

  8. So gorgeous, I love the dark green with the rust, too!