Saturday, June 9, 2012

52 WOCC - Week 24 - Raspberry Glace

I was bound and determined to not spend money on the challenge this week.

Yay for accomplishing that goal!

Today I'm featuring one of the free gowns, given as a group gift to members of The White Armory's group. Every week a new gown is given away... and these are gowns that are normally 800L or more!

I also decided to play with glow and contrast in this week's photos... so bear with me while I stretch my proverbial wings in that regard!

I was going for an ethereal feeling with some of them.

 Below are the raw version and the edited version of the same photo.


Hair: Alli & Ali Designs - Aquene Hair
Skin: Dream Ink - Mika 
Gown: The White Armory - Midsummer's Eve Gown Set
Petals: aDORKable Poses - Petals in the Wind
Necklace - Inca - "Daria" Ancient Persian Choker


  1. WOW Jade these are gorgeous I love the ethereal feeling you have captured in some of them... I love these pics and the colour on your skin really works!!!

  2. through jades eyes we see the real Raspberry rocked the colour

  3. Aw Jade it's always fun to experiment with stuff! And somehow gowns always become you :) Hugs!

  4. Thank you lovelies! I've been fighting a KILLER migraine again... I'm on day 20-something, and can't think straight.

    Apologies for not commenting sooner.

    Much love!