Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Casual? Holy crap, I can!

So in case y'all haven't noticed, I'm rather partial to dresses.
Maybe that's because my RL is such that I wear jeans,
almost every day. In my line of work, a skirt would be stupidity.

However, there are times, like when visiting United Wrestling Syndicate's VWN Midnight Metrodome, where a dress is... out of place, to say the very least.

So, I dug through my inventory for that kickass pair of jeans I knew I had, the boots that make my feets happy, and that 'tudeful shirt with the gold shinies on it. I love people who can make basic clothes that look awesome.

Photography: JadeD Photography - Jade Annamemnon, Photographer
Hair: Truth - Annika - Night
Skin: Laqroki - Tasha 2 Glow Skin - Fair - 2 Hairbase
Makeup: L.Fauna - Smokey Cat Shadow - Brown-Gold
Shirt: **DIRAM** - Elisha shirt - White
Jeans: Zaara - {Jewelled} - Indigo
Boots: Graves - G101 - Alpha Boots - Black
Nails: Rozoregalia - *Gemma* Ring&Nail
Location: uWs - Universal Wrestling Syndicate - VWN Midnight Metrodome

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