Sunday, March 6, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge: Ecru

I know that I'm hiding lately, though I'm hiding in plain sight- in RP sims.
Most of my time is spent playing my Elf-Self, and enjoying that role. The difficulty with being a dark elf, is that you can't run around wearing, say, fuschia. Doesn't quite work. So Ecru was a nice colour for this week, cus my Elfy-Self could model for y'all.

Here you go:

Photography: JadeD Photography
Hair: Emo-Tions - Prophecy - Black
Skin: Fallen Gods - Hybrid XX (female)
Glowing hands: Fallen Gods - Elemental Glowing Hands - Gold
Outfit: Emo-Tions - Persephone


  1. Pretty... love the light colour against your dark elf skin

  2. and what a beautiful Elfy-Self ;-)
    love those pics and the outfit ...

  3. Wonderful pics, very much high art shots!

  4. I agree. A beautiful contrast of light and dark. :-)