Thursday, March 22, 2012


So, I happen to know these really talented people, who all have stores on the PEER Style main-store sim. 

I'm rather lucky to know them, because I get to have freebies to write nice things about... and one of the newest stores at the sim is VerseEye, owned by Jacks Rhys.

The man makes eyes. 
Some are realistic, some artistic, some futuristic... but they're all really quite lovely.


Row 1: Right to left: ViZiX - Radiance, ViZiX - Diversity, Solar Eyes - Earth 2
Row 2: Right to left: Natura Series 001 Volcano, Natura Series 001 Olive, Natura Series 001 Blue
Row 3: Right to left: ArtEyes - Life, ArtEyes - Conceptual Performance, SolarEyes - Moon

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