Saturday, March 24, 2012

52 WOCC Week 13 - Tea Green

I knew instantly what I wanted to do for this week's challenge- show off a Plastik skin. 
My RP has had me going to Plastik for various skin colours lately, and I knew that they would have one in this week's colour. 

Colour me happy that they did!

The jewels I bought for an event in my RP, and wasn't able to wear them- they're incredibly primmy... but for this, I just had to. Elven princess!


Hair: Magika - Capture (Mesh)
Skin: Plastik - Aleria Elven Female - Fervent - Glimmer
Jewels: Mandala - Lotus
Nails: Mandala - Milky Way Rings & Nail - Sun Gold
Eyes: Repulse - Nocturnal Eyes
Face Tattoo: White Widow - Butterfly - Green
Tattoo: Arcane v2 Tattoo [Demonic]
Ears: De La Soul - Glaive Collection - Ears


  1. beautiful elven princess! it has magic in it

  2. You are absolutely breath taking!!

  3. So stunning, these are really gorgeous photos...

  4. Ladies, thank you so much! I had a ton of fun making these- I'm so glad that you are all enjoying them!

  5. You look beautiful and the color is spot on. I love it :)

  6. Aw that's great! I never heard of Plastic.....
    but the Mandala set is perfect for you! Ready for Fantasy Fair?

  7. Hey Jade. LOVE the pics. The jewellery is perfect for that colour and look. Awesome.

  8. Again, thank you so much! And yes, Laura, I am SO ready for Fantasy Fair!!! Can't wait! And it's Plastik with a K... they have clothes, skins, ears, jewelry, the whole shebang. They're great. Thank you for the lovely compliments, y'all!