Tuesday, February 1, 2011

52 weeks of colour challenge: Emerald

I returned home from a work convention yesterday, rather ill.
So this is gonna be short.
My idea for the 'Emerald' shoot was
"A day in the life of Poison Ivy"
from day wear,
to her gown for a Ball,
to some pretty lingerie to wind down in.

Credits, just by name today:
1&2) Laqroki skin, Goodbuy boots, Falln Hair, White Widow Face tattoos, Unknown ancient freebie ivy outfit.
3) Laqroki skin, Sky Everett Hair, Evies Closet gown, Chop Zuey Jewellery, Illusions Hair Ivy, White Widow Face Tattoos
4&5) Laqroki Skin, White WIdow Face Tattoos, Truth Hair, Blacklace Lingerie, Slink Bare Feet, Chop Zuey Jewellery

Custom Collar by Damian Twist
Photography by JadeD&TwisteD Photography, Jade Annamemnon (Twist), Photographer


  1. The first pic is my fav ... and I love ivy anyway ;-)

  2. Im with Mayala on that one, the first pic is pretty, you look like you are about to go and take down batman hehe but very hot!

  3. totally agrees. Holy Hotness Batman!! <3