Saturday, July 21, 2012

52 WOCC ... just can't do it.

Last night, I sat at my computer, searching my inventory for aqua clothing, props, whatever. I searched Marketplace. I searched fashion blogs. And I just could not find anything that I really wanted to wear... because I've been thinking so much about the shooting in Colorado this week.

I'm in Canada. In a relatively safe part of it... and shit like that doesn't happen here. I'm shaken by it. I don't understand it, and I can't... I can't ... fathom.... such horror. I'm truly blessed.

I've read and heard, a billion times, that "every behaviour makes sense"... and I do believe that, whether or not I think the REASONING is good sound reasoning. Somewhere in that sick shooter's head, there's a reason for this... whether or not he's aware of it, doesn't matter. Somewhere in his history, there was a trigger... don't get me wrong, I'm not justifying it. Hell no. He deserves to work in a salt mine for the remainder of his very very long life. I don't believe in the death penalty- I think he should live, and fucking SUFFER. Work hard. Work long hours. Toil. EARN his repentance. 

But I just could not... dress up... for today. All I wanted to do was wear black, and speak out. And so I am. 

My thoughts, prayers, wishes, and Light go to the families of the victims, and to those that are injured, in any way, from this horrific incident. My love to those who may need it so much in this terrible time. 

Stop the fucking violence.


  1. Jade this is just such a powerful message and I really totally agree with you. I had created my colour challenge pics a while ago so I was ready for the Sunday posting but my heart goes out to anyone that was involved and/or is now suffering. I try to think happy thoughts and feel greatful to live somewhere that I would say is relatively peaceful, although I feel wrong in saying so in some ways. *hugs* I'm totally with you on this, and thank you for speaking out!

  2. Jade i TOTALLY agree with this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very good you expressed your feelings about this on your blog!!!. I hope they will change the law in USA so that people can't get weapons so easily. But the lobby there is so stark. But what a pain and suffering for all the families, who lost someon, or among the friend. Its is HORRIBLE.

  3. i so agree with you. very good you made this post!! i hope they change the law in USA so that people can't get weapons so easy. But the lobby there is so stark. What a pain and grief for all the ones who lost a beloved person. HORRIBLE it is.