Saturday, April 21, 2012

52 WOCC - Week 17 - Shuttle Gray

So... I found these pants. These pants are The Awesome. They're sexy and businesslike, and the detail in the texture is beautiful... and they screamed Naughty Librarian at me.

So, without further ado:

Hair: Exile - Tonight Tonight - Sunset
Skin: Dream Ink - Jin
Glasses: Solarwear - Atria
Necklace: MANDALA - Kabuki Necklace - Silver Phoenix
Earrings: MANDALA - Hoshigaki Earrings - Silver
Ring: Donna Flora - Oriente Ring
Nails: Rozoregalia - *Gemma* Ring&Nail (Nails only)
Blouse: Phoenix Rising - Push Shirt w/Tie (I deleted the tie)
Pants: Gawk! - Gray Tweed High Waist Pants
Shoes: R2 - Auli - Silver
Corset: Love Lace - Courtesan Corset - Ruby


  1. hehehehe Naughty Librarian! I thought they wore miniskirts when they went up ladders to get books LOL
    Very cool pics!

  2. Sexy Librarian is right Lau, LOL I bet this would get so many guys into the library... Jade you are smoking hot!

  3. Love the libraian as teh back ground

  4. A sexy librarian... right before she pulls out a whip and makes some poor defenceless guy call her Mistress!
    Sexy with a hint of danger :)

  5. You are a very sexy librarian. Love the look!

  6. Cute outfit and nice poses! I love the hair.

  7. love your pants too.. ... and don't listen to Lau..we will see if she will show us her kiniline ;) in her next post

  8. You look great! Love that red hair with the grey!

  9. Lovely ladies- thank you so very much for your comments and feedback. I apologize for not responding earlier- I'm suffering a long-term migraine/cluster headache. *hugs* to all of you!