Friday, July 8, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge: Celadon

When I found this dress,
about six months ago, in silver, I had to have it.
Then I bought it in red.
And pink.
And then in this gorgeous green....

as luck would have it, 
I found a suit for my gorgeous companion here to wear as well!

Hair: Magicka - Cake - Onyx
Skin: Dream Ink - Isabelle - 9 Hairbase
Dress: Morea Style - Darcy - Anis
Shoes: Sass Shoes - Pastels
Jewellery: Mandalah - Sinrah - green

Suit only: SF Design - June Tux with Tails - Green


  1. WOW, these poses rock... where are they from, if I may ask?
    Gala Caproni

  2. WOW Jade, these photos are amazing... I am jealous hehe... You look incredible and the dress is amazing especially the way you featured it on monotone everything else!

  3. Thanks, you two. Some of the poses are from this pose stand:

    Though some are separates as well. The top one, which I love, is the "Eurydice and Orpheus" pose by DM.

  4. Keeping everything else black and white was a brilliant, brilliant idea to show off the faint tone that is celadon. Also, the couple poses are hot. *grins* Excellent job!

  5. I love those poses, great shots this week.

  6. Very good job with the picture set - you can almost see you two moving!
    Cool concept!