Monday, May 9, 2011

Skin & Shape Expo 2011!!

Well, the Skin and Shape Expo is quickly approaching,
and there's much to be excited about!
It runs from May 10-20, so get ready for tomorrow!!

A dear friend of mine owns PEER Style,
And he gave me a few demos.

Honor (silly American spelling! Should be HonoUr!), is very much an Amazon female shape- broad shoulders, larger-chested, slender waist. Very strong.

Orlando is a male shape, and I just can't see myself in male form... but I have seen the pictures, and it's hot.

And finally, Miwa. Miwa is just lovely. Feminine, sweet, exotic.

So, while you're checking out the fabu skins and shapes... check out PEER Style's booth! You won't be disappointed!

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